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The Kelly Slusher Show

Hi! My name is Kelly Slusher and I’m a musician, a comic and a visual artist. Lately my main focus has been The Kelly Slusher Show. I have years of music out on various record labels and dedicated all my time to music and dabbled in my comic side but now I’ve deep dived into this very fun and natural side of myself. I have quite an imagination and love to laugh so I enjoy coming up with goofy skits. I love talking into a microphone and it all comes so natural to me. I have a lot of sketch comedy characters that I’ve been doing for years and so I’ve got a lot to pull from. I’ve been told it’s hard to have a podcast especially doing one solo and I need a cohost but so far I’m doing just fine and enjoying the heck out of this. Right now you can listen to my show on Spotify, Itunes, Google Podcast and a lot of other ones. As far as music goes I enjoy singing and playing my ukulele and jamming on my drums. I’m sure I’ll be doing other music projects in the future. 


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