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New Comedy Podcast 

Hey y’all,

I’ve launched my new podcast! I’ve been wanting to do this for years and I finally got enough courage to make it happen. It’s now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and most places podcasts are available. 


I’ve finally left California to be close to my family. My dad fell and broke his hip 4 months ago. And I came to visit them and realized it’s time I move back to Mesa after being a way for years. It’s the reality of aging parents so here I am. Today I started painting my parents mobile home because it’s really needed it. And I’ve been making new paintings and collages and I’m starting a new band. I met a drummer and I can’t wait until we start playing out here. I’ve spent the past 6 years in California and I was ready to for a change anyway. I’m from here so I’ve basically came back home. Below is one of my chicken paintings.

Another new single! 

Alright third single in 2 months! I’m feeling super productive! I am for reals! 
This song is titled A Love Song and it’s not just about romantic love, it’s about every kind of love. Friends, family, neighbors, pets, and just anyone you love!

it will streaming  on iTunes and Spotify in the next few days💕🎸🎶🥰

Ferris Wheeling 

I added another little video clip from my YouTube thingy. Ok what’s up with my subscribers on YouTube? I’ve got a whole 9 subscribers. Granted I don’t do much on there and I’m gonna give it more energy but still strange. Same with my Instagram, low subscribers but I get my numbers from my distributor and see my tunes are being played all over this planet. I think one has to be in some special club and I’m not interested in joining any club. I only do this for fun since it’s my most favorite way to spend my free time. But still strange.

I am one of the truest definitions of “indie”. That word is so misused nowadays. I saw Justin Bieber advertise his music as indie so I think it’s just another marketing word. The definition of Indie is Independent and free of a big record label plus not super produced. I love true indie music because of the sincerity behind it. 

Recording almost everyday! 

I’m working on my third single that will be available to the public soon. I’ve made the decision to give me energy to recording new songs and releasing singles hopefully one a month. I also write a lot of songs and I’ve got a lot of songs to record. At the end of the year I think I’ll compile them and make a full-length album. 
I record all my music in my humble home recording studio. I play all the instruments too because I can. This keeps my costs and overhead very low but I would like to raise enough to press vinyl. I think compact discs aren’t something anyone wants anymore and the cassette trend is popular, but more of a collector thing since hardly anyone actually has a cassette player. I have a hello kitty boombox that plays cassettes that’s pretty rad, but I had to seek that out.

I like the idea of releasing singles instead of waiting to put together a full-length album since our culture is so fast moving. I think one needs to stay on people’s radar. Plus I absolutely love the process of recording. I remember the first time I was in a big recording studio at Enharmonic in Sacramento way back in the day when I was the bassist/singer in Crash and Britany. I thought to myself “I want to do all of this myself, play every instrument and produce it”. And that’s not because I don’t trust or like playing with others it’s more I just love the process of creating music and coming up with ideas. God gave me this gift of the ability to play many instruments, song write, write lyrics and understand the process of recording.


Another new single! 

Alright! Two singles in one month! Woo how! This latest one Warm Hearts Don’t Break is a song dear to my heart. It was originally written as a more melancholy song but I decided to add a poppy beat to it and it turned out great. I made the art and animation which topped it off. Sweet, melancholic and upbeat. Check it out! 
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My new website! 

I went a head improved my website. This one is so much more accessible with way more features. It’s still growing and I will be adding way a store and other fun stuff. Thanks for visiting and supporting my music!