Ferris Wheeling

I added another little video clip from my YouTube thingy. Ok what’s up with my subscribers on YouTube? I’ve got a whole 9 subscribers. Granted I don’t do much on there and I’m gonna give it more energy but still strange. Same with my Instagram, low subscribers but I get my numbers from my distributor and see my tunes are being played all over this planet. I think one has to be in some special club and I’m not interested in joining any club. I only do this for fun since it’s my most favorite way to spend my free time. But still strange.

I am one of the truest definitions of “indie”. That word is so misused nowadays. I saw Justin Bieber advertise his music as indie so I think it’s just another marketing word. The definition of Indie is Independent and free of a big record label plus not super produced. I love true indie music because of the sincerity behind it. 

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